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Brought to you today by the letter ‘c’ (14 September 2014)

Letter C ink

Ever noticed how many cool words begin with ‘c’?

There’s at least three ‘c-words’ that describe genitalia. Then there’s “crumpet”, “copulation” and sexual “congress”. There’s also “chaste” and “charitable”.

But how about:

Courage. Commitment. Confidence. Character. Coaching.


Coach Ken Hinkley – a ‘C’ kind of bloke


Competent. Commendable. Conscientious. Capable.

Considerate. Courteous. Caring. Concerned.

Concord. Compassion. Connection. Community. Communication. Celebration. Congratulations.

C-words are often compounds from the Latin roots ‘com’, ‘con’ or ‘co’, meaning “with”:

Convivial. Companionable. Complimentary. Complementary. Compatible.

Conciliatory. Constructive. Co-operative. Congruent.

Calm. Composed. Contemplative. Constant. Consoling. Conscious. Continue.


Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh – another ‘C’ man

They feel good, don’t they?

Curious. Credible. Credentialled. Charming.

Covenant. Cradle. Cure. Contour. Curve. Cuddle. Comforting. Cosy...

There’s a dark side.

Complicit. Compliant. Complacent. Conformist. Compromised. Conflicted. Crazy. Compulsive.

Cynical. Condescending. Critical. Condemning. Confined.

Craven. Crank. Crook. Cracked. Crapulent.

Cumbersome. Cul de sac.

Yep. There’s a lot of dark side. Let’s back up out of there.

Some c-words are simply celestial:

Crepuscular. Cyrillic. Credenza. Crescent. Cous-cous. Coriander. Corona. Corolla. Creation.


Cupid. Of course.

Carpenter. Chimera. Chameleon.


Japanese cats - from Elly

Brought to you today by the letter ‘c’.