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Making plans for Nigel

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From Professor W Allan Edwards to his grand-daughter, 1986:

Dear Ellie [sic]

Your mother has just been on the ‘phone giving us the great news of your excellent results – warmest congratulations from us both!

Your tutors will be just as pleased and excited over your prospects in the years immediately ahead and without doubt will have plenty of ideas about the shape of your degree course not to mention possible graduate work and a glittering career – if not several (cf Anita Brookner who’s married to the Director of the National Gallery, a Professor herself, and a highly successful novelist as well as looking good in a photograph).

Your tutors are the ones to listen to. At the moment you have plenty of options – keep as many of them open as you can. Whatever you choose to do you must feel in fine shape ready to go on and on and on continuing to dazzle us. Lovely prospect!

Enjoy it! Meanwhile 1,000,000sq congratulations!




Author: Elly McDonald

Worked in the Australian rock music industry as a journalist and published widely as a poet before moving to London and spending the better part of a decade in advertising agencies. Returned to Australia and tried teaching, primarily teaching English to non-English speaking, newly-arrived refugees but also briefly as a high school classroom teacher. Has travelled Western Europe, North Africa, Russia, Northern India, East Asia, coastal USA, some Pacific Islands, and Australia.

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