Elly McDonald


Adolescent Lovesong (1980)

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This man

who I wanted to hold

and to rock in my arms

(tell him it’s all alright)

stands in the street

smiling down at me

tells me it’s all alright

and all the people part around us

I can’t hear them

He’s all there is as

the sun comes behind him

His lips

touch my cheeck, and almost

my mouth

mine on his, soft on soft as

the sun warms my face and

I’m so proud of him

standing there, smiling

as if

he loved me

Author: Elly McDonald

Worked in the Australian rock music industry as a journalist and published widely as a poet before moving to London and spending the better part of a decade in advertising agencies. Returned to Australia and tried teaching, primarily teaching English to non-English speaking, newly-arrived refugees but also briefly as a high school classroom teacher. Has travelled Western Europe, North Africa, Russia, Northern India, East Asia, coastal USA, some Pacific Islands, and Australia.

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