Elly McDonald


Someone Famous, With Girl (1985)

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stops at the sound of

his name called by

a stranger – then


who she is and forgets

himself: it’s you

he smiles (he always means it)

he laughs (and feels abashed)

her eyes mirror his

she is his (they always are)

they are both young


they both can


moments of belief, of the only kind

he’ll know

all strangers

his kind. He is

kind, or he could be, this singled out


he takes her

camera and asks

Am I in there?

Author: Elly McDonald

Australian-born, with English mother, has lived in several Australian cities and in London. Travelled widely. Way way back when, published widely as a poet and short story writer. For the first 20 years of my working life I worked as an entertainment journalist, publicist, PR consultant and in advertising and media agencies. In the second 20 years, I worked in marketing roles at non-profit organisations then retrained as a teacher, primarily teaching English to non-English speaking, newly-arrived refugees. Also did miserable McJobs, and a long, happy stint at an art gallery.

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