Elly McDonald


Writing recognition


Creative writing awards

2nd Prize, The Australian’s 20th Anniversary short story competition 1984
1st Prize (shared), Hermes short story competition judged by Judith Rodriguez 1986

Publication in Australian literary journals

Brave New Word
Neos Young Writers
The Australian Literary Magazine

Publication in anthologies

Poems from The Australian’s 20th Anniversary Competition (1985)
Up From Below: Poems of the 1980s (1987) – editors Nancy J Petrie, Barbara Petrie, Irene Coates
Poetry and Gender: Statements and essays in Australian women’s poetry and poetics (1989) – David Brooks and Brenda Walker

Academic awards

Josiah Simon Scholarship No.1 (poetry prize) for English I, University of Sydney 1985
Maud Stiles Prize for a Woman in English I, University of Sydney 1985
Margaret Cramp Memorial Prize for a Woman Evening Student in English I, University of Sydney 1985
Maccallum Prize for Proficiency in English Literature I (shared), University of Sydney 1985

Elly McDonald Writer 11

2 thoughts on “Writing recognition

  1. hi elly
    just checking in to see how your are doing , i guess you are no longer in blackhesath

    mark badger ( vanbrugh park road west )


    • Hi Mark, great to hear from you! How are you? I do think of you 🙂 Please message me via Facebook if you like so we can DM. My profile picture right now is me in sunglasses with a huge smile, pink sun hat, cherry top, against a very blue sky and a very very blue sea. The family is on holidays right now in beautiful Western Australia. Rest of the time I live in a seaside village in Victoria where my mother and my sister and her husband also live, it’s a good life xxx


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